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The castle. LOVES PEOPLE.

It is over a thousand years old and stands like a rock in the surf. But what would it be without people? Lonely. It needs laughter, conversation, pleasure. Simply pure life. And it is open to all who respect and understand each other.
Open to guests who love relaxation, who bring their calves on wheels to wonderful viewpoints. Of course the castle prefers elegance, but the modern, casual. For lovers of pleasure, it offers different restaurants. So it may well be a different one every day. In all of its rooms and suites there is a feeling of comfort. They let you relax. No matter whether after fitness training, playing golf, hiking or an e-bike tour. If you feel like being alone together, we recommend dinner in the suite. The spacious spa area opens your heart with its vastness and views of the surrounding area. The water temperature is pleasantly warm, the massages are skillful and relaxing. A wealth of possibilities for inner and outer beauty awaits you.

Come together.
The castle loves romance. And so it always comes to beautiful, sensitive encounters. Some get to know each other and come back again and again with beautiful memories. Others find the castle the perfect place to say YES. And so the castle offers space and room for celebrations for every season.

Golf Safari shooting in Pichlarn, Austria on June 23, 2016. Copyright: Armin Walcher

Can a castle be cool?
The castle says: It is up to you. The casualness, the joy of life and pleasure will carry you in your luggage. Our page welcomes everyone with the same warmth. The castle knows: Live life and the moment. To beautiful days in the castle.


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