Welcome to this small review of Italian gay friendly beaches.

At first glance they may look like the Caribbean or an atoll of Polynesia and instead they are in our Belpaese: from the well known, equipped and crowded beaches of Tuscany or Capocotta to real unspoiled and reserved land paradises, here is the list of all the beaches where you can have fun, relax and always be what you want.



Easily accessible from Agrigento, in the characteristic archaeological area of Eraclea Minoa, you arrive on a promontory from which you can see the mouth of the Platani, the beach and the pine forest. A reserved and quiet cove, away from prying eyes and frequented by people from Sicily and beyond … naturism, clean beach, blue waters and almost total privacy characterize this enchanting place.


The beach of Marianelli, known by the dialectal epithet “La Spiaggia do’ Iancu”, is a wonderful place. Located in the extreme South-East of Sicily, it is one of the few beaches left untouched and is characterized by a unique flora and scented with almond and lemon trees. The wide sandy beach has a shallow seabed, clear and warm waters, ideal to be rocked by the water and sunbathe. The beach, elected “ideal beach” for gays and naturists, is also home to traditional bathers. The coexistence of these communities is another aspect that makes Marianelli a special place where nature, freedom and respect for others are still the cornerstones.



In the Cagliari area we find Mari Pintau, about 20 km from Cagliari, a naturist and gay area bordering Kala and Moru, near the Gulf of Angels, is the Mari Pintau complex surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. The beach can be recognized by the beautiful color of the water, a coastline of pebbles that become fine sand when you dive into the water.

Mari Pintau in Sardinian means Painted Sea, a name that underlines the real peculiarity of the beach, which overlooks a beautiful sea with changing colors depending on the time of day. The crystalline blue of the water allows you to see the seabed of clear sand dotted with rocks that seem to be painted by an artist. The beach offers a parking lot, bar and several clubs nearby that animate the nightlife of the area.


Close to State Road 125 Nuoro, the beach of fine white sand, surrounded by pink rocks is characterized by its sandy dunes with low juniper bushes, the ideal place for meetings and naturism.

Frequented mainly by young people, it owes its fame to the lighthouse and the long beach of fine white sand, behind which are the largest dunes of the east coast of Sardinia. The area is of great natural and historical interest and the beaches so “wild”, the seabed and crystal clear water make it a popular tourist attraction (it has also served as the backdrop to numerous films including Overwhelmed by Fate with Madonna).



The free beach of San Cataldo is located 15 km from Lecce and is surrounded by a thick pine forest and characterized by seabed rich in marine fauna and fine white sand stretches in the coves nestled between eucalyptus and pine trees. The coast, a lively tourist destination, is characterized by a long series of beaches and low cliffs overlooking a shallow and clean sea.


Near Gallipoli the beach of Lido di Pizzo, near the most famous Punta della Suina, is frequented by gay tourists and is a very “in” tourist destination, a real corner of paradise. immersed in a thick pine forest, characterized by the fragrant vegetation of the Mediterranean, the coast of Lido Pizzo is hidden behind the pine trees and has a low and sandy coast with a crystal clear and calm sea. the place is really charming and very welcoming. In the forecourt in front of the pine forest there is a large parking lot for cars, campers and any other means of locomotion and this to ensure a quick choice of parking.



The first beach in Lazio for those arriving from the North, perhaps the best known in the area, is Capocotta, in Ostia, very close to the capital. The beach can be recognized by the huge rainbow flags that soar between the dunes! It is very well frequented. If you are on vacation in the Eternal City and you are on foot, you can take the subway from Ostiense station to Ostia, the last stop and then the bus that runs only from June.