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misterb&b is the world’s largest gay travel community with 200,000 hosts in over 135 countries. Today they are proud to present their latest video which explores the value of Pride. “Pride. It’s feelings of your own worth and respect for yourself.” These are the opening lines to this eye-catching video which highlights the importance of owning your inner-world, while exploring the outside world without fear.


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While a wave of LGBT openness and acceptance is sweeping across the globe today, the ability to travel safely and feel welcome in a prejudice-free environment is still not to be taken for granted. As we welcome Pride Season, the video is a timely reminder that we should all focus on celebrating the wonder of being ourselves and genuinely living in the moment, as we are and proud of it.

Through the video should encourage travelers to connect through misterb&b and share a valued sense of hospitality. As it sums up quite nicely, “it’s time to explore, explore the world, and experience your pride.”