Usedom – the sunny island in Germany

“Kaiserbäder” on Usedom shine with pomp and luxury

It seems almost extravagant how numerous the historical buildings in the imperial spas of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin line up – nowhere else in the world are there so many bathing villas as here.

Like the pearls of a necklace and united along the 8.5 km longest promenade in Europe, they line up along the white coast. They date from a time when nobility and wealthy bankers as well as artist greats and other illustrious guests enjoyed the summer resort on Usedom.

In fact, the region in the northeast consistently boasts the sunniest values in Germany. The crown jewels of the island are the 42 kilometers of uninterrupted, stone-free and fine sandy beach, which offer all possibilities of carefree maritime leisure activities and are rarely overcrowded even in the height of summer. (By the way, the nudist beach on Usedom lies directly on the German-Polish border. The gay area is located at the penultimate dune rise).

No less charming are the adjacent coastal forest, the wide hilly country, lush meadows and forests as well as smaller and larger lakes and the picturesque bays at the Bodden waters.

Summary: Usedom is a worthwhile year-round destination in Germany.