Gay Philippines – NOMADIC BOYS in the Philippines


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Published on 4. November 2019 by

Nomadic Boys spent a month in this beautiful country and absolutely fell in love with her. The Philippines has some of the most incredible underwater life we’ve experienced, which makes scuba diving and snorkelling a dream. We were able to get some great underwater footage with our GoPro camera. The best diving and snorkelling experience was near El Nido and also at Flower Island Resort, both on Palawan island. For a country made up of over 7,000 islands, it’s not difficult to find your own island romantic getaway. Palawan island is also home to the Underground River near Puerto Princesa. Filipino food is seriously underrated, but it does have some quirky elements to it. Check out balut – a 17 days old duck embryo, which is a popular snack. Boracay is a party paradise and extremely touristy. Some love it and others hate it and avoid it.

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